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Mailerlite Review: Is it the Right Email Marketing Tool for You?

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  • Post last modified:24 October 2023

In the realm of email marketing, selecting the ideal platform can be a game-changer for your success. If you’ve found your way here, chances are you’re seeking insights into the world of Mailerlite. In this Mailerlite Review, we’ll explore the facets that make it a favored choice for marketers of all calibers. From pricing plans to features and more, prepare to dive into the heart of email marketing excellence.

Malerlite Review: Dashboard

What is Mailerlite?

Mailerlite, in its essence, serves as an email marketing platform. It provides you with a comprehensive suite of features to design, send, and monitor your email campaigns. But, it’s not just that; it’s your trusted companion in building meaningful connections with your audience.

Imagine a tool that empowers you to craft visually stunning emails, manage your contacts effortlessly, and understand precisely how your campaigns perform. That’s Mailerlite for you, a multifaceted solution that caters to the needs of both newcomers and seasoned marketers.

The Simplicity in Practice

One of Mailerlite’s primary distinctions is its ease of use. The drag-and-drop email editor simplifies the process of creating captivating emails. Whether you are a tech-savvy marketer or just starting, the platform’s intuitive design allows you to create engaging content with a mere click and drag.

A Cost-Efficient Marvel

In the realm of email marketing, cost efficiency is often elusive. Mailerlite, however, addresses this concern gracefully. It offers a range of pricing plans, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. From small enterprises to established corporations, Mailerlite is designed to suit all pockets.

Let’s Talk Features

Now, let’s explore the features that make Mailerlite stand out in a crowd:

  • Automation: Mailerlite understands the value of your time. It offers automation features that let you send targeted emails to your audience based on their behavior, ensuring you engage with them when they are most receptive.
  • A/B Testing: Ever wondered what email subject line works best or which design resonates with your audience? Mailerlite’s A/B testing feature enables you to experiment and optimize your campaigns.
  • Powerful Segmentation: Sending the right message to the right people is key to successful email marketing. Mailerlite’s segmentation tools allow you to organize your audience into groups, ensuring your messages are highly relevant.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Understanding how your email campaigns are performing is essential. Mailerlite provides detailed reports and analytics, showcasing open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber engagement. These insights enable you to fine-tune your strategies for better results.

Customer Support and Resources

Facing any challenges along the way? Mailerlite’s excellent customer support team is ready to assist you. Beyond that, their knowledge base, tutorials, and community resources are treasure troves of information to help you navigate the platform effectively.

In Conclusion

In the realm of email marketing, Mailerlite is a breath of fresh air. It marries simplicity with power, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experts. With its cost-effective pricing, user-friendly interface, and an array of features, it’s no wonder Mailerlite is gaining favor among marketers.

So, if you’re ready to supercharge your email marketing efforts, consider giving Mailerlite a try. It might just be the game-changer your campaigns need. Your audience awaits your message, and Mailerlite is the conduit to make it happen.

Mailerlite Pricing Plans

When considering Mailerlite for your email marketing needs, one of the first aspects you’ll want to explore is their pricing plans. Mailerlite offers a transparent and flexible pricing structure, allowing businesses of all sizes to find a suitable plan. Let’s delve into the specifics.

1. Free Plan – Ideal for Beginners and Small Businesses

  • Mailerlite provides a free plan that’s perfect for beginners and small businesses. This plan includes a substantial number of features, making it a great starting point.
  • With the free plan, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month to a list of up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • It’s an excellent choice to get acquainted with the platform’s features before committing to a paid plan.

2. Premium Plan – Affordable and Feature-Rich

  • The Premium plan is designed for those who require more advanced features and increased email sending capabilities.
  • It offers pricing based on the number of subscribers, making it scalable for growing businesses.
  • Features of the Premium plan include automation, A/B split testing, custom HTML editor, and priority support.

3. Pay-as-you-go Credits – Perfect for Occasional Senders

  • If you send emails sporadically, Mailerlite offers a pay-as-you-go option, where you can purchase credits as needed.
  • This plan is flexible and cost-effective for businesses that don’t have a constant need for email marketing services.

Value at Every Tier

One of the standout features of Mailerlite’s pricing is the value you receive at every tier. Even with the free plan, you get access to key features like the drag-and-drop editor, email automation, and reporting tools.

The Premium plan, priced based on your number of subscribers, offers significant value, especially as your email list grows. The ability to automate your campaigns, conduct A/B testing, and access priority support can significantly impact your email marketing success.


Choosing the right pricing plan is essential when utilizing Mailerlite for your email marketing needs. The platform’s transparency and range of options, from the free plan for beginners to the feature-rich Premium plan for advanced users, cater to businesses of all sizes.

Before making a decision, carefully assess your email marketing requirements, the size of your subscriber list, and your budget. Mailerlite’s flexibility ensures that you can scale your email marketing efforts as your business grows.

As we continue our exploration of Mailerlite, the next section will delve into the platform’s impressive features and the benefits they offer for your email marketing campaigns. So, stay with us as we uncover the tools that make Mailerlite a formidable choice in the world of email marketing.

Mailerlite Features and Benefits

In the world of email marketing, the choice of the right platform can make or break your campaigns. Mailerlite stands out with its remarkable features, offering a wide array of tools designed to empower your email marketing efforts. Let’s dive into the features and their associated benefits.

1. Drag-and-Drop Email Editor – Create Stunning Campaigns with Ease

  • Mailerlite’s drag-and-drop email editor is a game-changer. It allows you to craft visually appealing emails without any coding skills.
  • Benefit: Save time and resources while creating eye-catching email campaigns that resonate with your audience.

2. Automation – Engage Your Audience at the Right Time

  • Automation is a key feature of Mailerlite. Create automated email sequences based on subscriber behavior, ensuring you engage with your audience at the perfect moment.
  • Benefit: Boost your email marketing efficiency and increase the relevance of your messages.

3. A/B Split Testing – Optimize Your Campaigns

  • With A/B split testing, you can experiment with different elements of your emails, such as subject lines or content, to determine what works best.
  • Benefit: Improve your email campaign performance by refining your strategies based on real data.

4. List Segmentation – Send Targeted Messages

  • Effective list segmentation allows you to send the right message to the right people at the right time, enhancing your email marketing relevance.
  • Benefit: Increase open rates and engagement by tailoring your emails to specific segments of your audience.

5. Powerful Reporting – Gain Insights for Improvement

  • Mailerlite offers detailed reporting and analytics, providing insights into your campaign’s performance.
  • Benefit: Make data-driven decisions and fine-tune your strategies for better results.

6. Custom HTML Editor – Personalize Your Campaigns

  • For those with HTML skills, the custom HTML editor allows you to create fully customized email templates.
  • Benefit: Tailor your emails to your brand’s unique style and create memorable email experiences.

7. Priority Support – Get Assistance When You Need It

  • Mailerlite’s priority support ensures you have access to expert help when facing challenges.
  • Benefit: Quick and effective resolution of issues to keep your email marketing on track.

8. GDPR Compliance – Build Trust with Subscribers

  • Mailerlite takes data privacy seriously and offers GDPR compliance features to ensure you’re following regulations.
  • Benefit: Build trust with your subscribers by demonstrating your commitment to data security.


Mailerlite’s features are designed to empower email marketers, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro. The benefits of these features are far-reaching, from saving time with the drag-and-drop editor to engaging subscribers at the perfect moment with automation.

As we continue our exploration of Mailerlite, the next section will focus on the user-friendly interface and its role in simplifying email campaign creation. So, stay with us as we uncover more about this powerful email marketing platform.

User-Friendly Interface:

In the world of email marketing, a user-friendly interface can make all the difference. Mailerlite understands this and delivers a platform that simplifies the process of crafting email campaigns. In this section, we’ll delve into how Mailerlite’s user-friendly interface benefits users.

A Seamless Experience

One of the standout features of Mailerlite is its user-friendly interface, designed with both beginners and seasoned marketers in mind. Here’s how Mailerlite’s interface simplifies email campaign creation:

1. Drag-and-Drop Email Editor – No Coding Skills Required

  • Mailerlite’s drag-and-drop email editor allows you to create stunning email campaigns without any coding skills.
  • Simply choose elements from the menu, drag them into your email template, and customize as needed. It’s as easy as building with virtual building blocks.

2. Intuitive Navigation – Find What You Need Quickly

  • The platform’s navigation is intuitive, making it easy to locate the features you require.
  • From setting up campaigns to managing your subscriber lists, everything is accessible with a few clicks.

3. Pre-Made Templates – Quick Start for Beginners

  • If you’re new to email marketing, Mailerlite offers a range of pre-made templates to kickstart your campaigns.
  • Select a template, customize it with your content, and you’re ready to send.

4. Mobile-Friendly – Reach Your Audience Anywhere

  • With a growing number of people checking emails on mobile devices, Mailerlite ensures your emails look great on smartphones and tablets.
  • The user-friendly interface extends to mobile, so you can create responsive campaigns.

5. In-App Tutorials – Learn as You Go

  • Mailerlite provides in-app tutorials to guide you through the platform’s features.
  • These tutorials are especially beneficial for those who are new to the platform and want to learn quickly.

Benefiting from the User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of Mailerlite simplifies email campaign creation, making it accessible to marketers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or an email marketing pro, you’ll find value in the intuitive navigation, easy customization, and the availability of pre-made templates.


A user-friendly interface is an essential aspect of any email marketing platform. Mailerlite’s commitment to making email marketing accessible is evident in its streamlined interface, which empowers users to create engaging email campaigns without the need for extensive technical skills.

As we continue our exploration of Mailerlite, the next section will focus on the crucial process of creating email campaigns and the platform’s capabilities in this regard. So, stay with us as we uncover more about this powerful email marketing platform.

Email Campaign Creation

The heart of email marketing lies in crafting engaging and effective email campaigns. Mailerlite equips users with powerful tools to simplify this process, ensuring that your messages reach your audience effectively. In this section, we will explore how Mailerlite facilitates email campaign creation.

1. Intuitive Email Editor – A Drag-and-Drop Marvel

  • Mailerlite’s intuitive email editor is a game-changer. You don’t need to be a coding expert to create compelling emails.
  • The drag-and-drop interface allows you to design visually appealing emails, making customization a breeze.

2. Pre-Made Templates – Quick Start for Your Campaigns

  • For those looking to start quickly, Mailerlite offers a variety of pre-made email templates.
  • Select a template that suits your message, customize it with your content, and you’re ready to send.

3. Customization – Tailor Emails to Your Brand

  • Customization is key to making your emails stand out. Mailerlite enables you to customize templates to align with your brand’s unique style.
  • From colors and fonts to layout and imagery, you have complete control over your email’s look and feel.

4. Mobile-Friendly Design – Reach Your Audience Everywhere

  • With a growing number of people accessing emails on mobile devices, Mailerlite ensures that your emails are responsive and look great on smartphones and tablets.
  • This is a crucial feature to ensure that your emails have a broad reach.

5. Personalization – Engage Your Subscribers

  • Personalization is a powerful tool in email marketing. Mailerlite allows you to personalize your emails with subscriber information, making your messages more engaging and relevant.

6. A/B Split Testing – Fine-Tune Your Strategy

  • A/B split testing is a valuable feature to experiment and optimize your campaigns.
  • Test different subject lines, content, or calls to action to determine what resonates best with your audience.


Email campaign creation is the cornerstone of email marketing success. With Mailerlite, this process becomes more manageable and efficient. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting your email marketing journey, the platform’s user-friendly tools, pre-made templates, and customization options cater to your needs.

The intuitive email editor, responsive design, and personalization features ensure that your emails are not only visually appealing but also highly engaging. Furthermore, A/B split testing enables you to continually improve your strategies for better results.

In the vast expanse of email marketing, your choice of weaponry can tilt the balance towards victory. Mailerlite stands as a prime exemplar of a platform that caters to the aspirations of both novice and adept marketers. With an interface that dances effortlessly between the simple and the sophisticated, Mailerlite lays before you a platter of potentialities.

Together, we’ve navigated the gentle complexities of Mailerlite’s user-friendly face, delved into the rewards offered by its pricing plans, and unearthed the capabilities and boons that accompany its features. We’ve also engaged in the art of crafting emails, where the endeavor is to allure and captivate.

Should you wish to elevate your email marketing endeavors, Mailerlite extends a warm invitation. In its blend of simplicity and potency, you may very well find the last piece of your marketing jigsaw.

Our expedition to uncover the prowess of Mailerlite is coming to a close. We trust this guide has armed you with the knowledge to make judicious decisions and raise the bar on your email marketing exploits. In the grand tapestry of email marketing, it’s not merely about disseminating emails; it’s about forging genuine connections with your audience. Mailerlite stands as a loyal companion on this odyssey. May your emails carry you to new heights of success.

Should questions or narratives spring to life within you about your escapades with Mailerlite, please, do not stifle them. Share your wisdom and experiences in the comments below. The Mailerlite community eagerly awaits your contribution.